Village of Wonewoc Recycling

Town & Country Sanitation vehicles are in the Village every Friday for garbage pick-up.  All garbage/rubbish must be put in the One-Pass bin and placed curbside by 7:00 a.m., on Friday mornings.  The Wonewoc Village garbage bags are no longer required.

Recycled items are picked up on Fridays, but on a bi-weekly basis.  The recycle One-Pass bin has a YELLOW cover.  The indicated dates on the schedule below indicate the recycling pick-up days.

When a holiday falls during the week, the sanitation vehicles will be one day late.

For disposal of appliances or furniture items, please contact Town and Country directly for pick-up information.

Town & Country Sanitation

PO Box 7
Boscobel, WI 53805

Phone: 1-800-626-1915

2021 Recycling Calendar

Village of Wonewoc Yard Debris Pick-up

During the spring, summer and autumn months, Village maintenance personnel will collect and dispose of branches (cut into 4' or shorter lengths and stacked into piles), leaves, but not grass clippings.  All items to be picked up should be placed curbside.  Weather permitting, yard debris will be picked-up bi-weekly on Thursday.